Friday, January 29, 2010

We have a D-Day: 2/21/2010

Dr. Byrne gave us an Induction Date today!! Granted, she could always decide to make her appearance earlier, but I hope she doesn't. As it stands, the timing would actually be helpful for her mommy and daddy, since my mom comes to town on the 22nd. That way, mom would be here during her 1st surgery.

But anywho, we had a couple pretty good appts today. The Dr's appt went fine -- we're dilated at a 1, but the baby hasn't dropped yet. Everything else seems to fine, even my seemingly terrible swelling is fine, because my blood pressure is spot on normal. However, our Nonstress Test is still showing some signs of Arrhythmia, but nothing they want to treat. So, all in all, a good appt!

Now, to start getting this house ready for a new baby! Poor daddy gets yet another big project this weekend (right when he thought he was done project completed): time to clean the carpets. I even took the big step in getting sleepers and onesies washed. I was so hesitant to do so, but the heart moms tell us we need to prepare for the baby as if everything is normal. It's kinda strange's as though you don't want to jinx anything by preparing for your baby to come home that could somehow effect the outcome. But I must say, I forgot how much I love the smell of Dreft baby detergent! And since Cate is refusing to give up her crib yet, and the girls will eventually share a room ...the baby's room is pretty well ready to go anyway. I have to wonder if I'll ever reach a point where I'm OK with the baby being out of our room (but don't tell her daddy that)!


  1. That birthdate has a nice ring to it, Joey! :-)
    Wonderful news to hear that your Dr's appointments went well this week.
    I've been thinking about you a lot, and am glad to hear that everything is going well. Thank you for posting your updates -- your blog is full of love and your writing style is refreshing.

  2. I will be checking on you often, and please contact me through e-mail or IHH if you need anything.

    Much Love and Hugs as you await the arrival of your precious daughter....

    Heather Griffith
    Mom to Noah (Tricuspid Atresia, ASD, VSD)

  3. ohhhhh!! I knew I was gonna love this baby girlie... A February baby! Perfect... Hearts all around...(plus my b-day is in February..LOL) You should name her after me! JUST KIDDING.... I hope you are doing as well as possible... I'll be keeping up with everything...


  4. Oh I am so glad you started a blog!!! So fun! Oh a February heart baby! What a great month to have a heart baby!! Glad things are going well and you have a date now! LOL It made it easier for me to plan better! Such a great idea to get things in order! Hope everyone is doing great. Waiting for the next post!!