Friday, February 5, 2010

Another week of tests DONE!

Well, I couldn't be more proud of my little bundle -- Dr. Byrne told us this week's Nonstress Tests were the best she's seen from us thus far! And, we've dilated to 2cm ...though baby hasn't engaged yet. SO, she's keeping our 21st Induction Date until baby says otherwise. But, she's looking good, head's still down, and she's definitely a kicker. I can't wait to meet this kid!

Now Bob and I are just trying to grasp the fact that we have 2 weeks left to go! Bless his heart, he's been helping so much -- cleaning carpets, scrubbing the floors, foot rubs, the full gamut. He's the bomb! Even though I'm jealous, I'm hoping he will take the time for himself and go snowboarding Sunday morning (before the football game, of course). I worry about his stress level through all this, I mean, an evening cocktail after work only does so much. Thankfully, he started back with the gym this week; he and Cate have been hitting hard (she LOVES their daycare/play gym). I hope he'll be able to keep it up while the baby's in the hospital.

On the baby front, we got the names of the two possible surgeons who will be taking care of our baby: Dr. Burch and Dr. Kaza. The awesome moms with our Support Blog recommended both quite highly, so I feel a lot more at ease regardless which one we get. But, I have to say ...I am a little more hopeful to get Dr. Burch, since he trained in Louisville! :) If any of you want to read up on them, their bios are at: --go to the Surgeons link. You can also read about our Cardiologist, Dr. Menon, on that link.

Kevin, our buddy who's a Safety Officer at Primary's, is going to give us the full "insiders" tour next week. It will be nice to kinda know our way around the hospital. It kinda seems like it's gonna be our 2nd home for a while.

Well, that's the update for this week! Hope everyone is set and ready for a great Super Bowl weekend ...have an iced cold beer for me!!!

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  1. So glad things are going well! What a great thing to have the "insider" tour! LOL I didn't even know where the washing machines were! Yea for the awesome hubs getting things ready. Dr. Kouretous did both of Kylie surgeries, but we have heard of Dr Kaza, I think all of them are just amazing people!!!Thanks for keeping the bloggity blog updated!!