Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ultrasounds

So we go in for our 1st ultrasound and oh my God, it's another GIRL! All I can think is, double the trouble! The Tech shows us everything on our baby girl, but tells us she's having trouble viewing her heart. No bother though, we'll just have to go back for another ultrasound.

3 weeks later, it's the day before Halloween, and time for the next ultrasound. I tell Bob to stay home with Cate and I go alone, since there wasn't supposed to be anything to worry about... WRONG! I felt my heart racing as I realized the Tech kept scanning the same area of the baby, and she wouldn't tell me why ...but obviously something was up. After what seemed forever, she told me she was finished and said she was so sorry -- something was wrong with the baby's heart, and the radiologist would have to confirm before they could tell me anything.

8 agonizing hours later, our OB finally calls and tells us, "It doesn't look good," that her right ventricle is abnormally small, she has a hole between her ventricles, and it doesn't look as though her Pulmonary flap is functioning at all. He told us we'd need to see a Pediatric Cardiologist at Primary Childrens asap, but that we should expect the worst.

One of my favorite holidays literally turned into a nightmare. I started my own research on Halloween night as Bob took Cate trick-or-treating; I knew I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself, and our Cardiology Appt was still 5 days away. I was able to pinpoint about 4 different diagnoses (one of which ended up being correct), but nothing I found online had a good outcome.

Bob and I both agreed that those last days of October/first days of November, hands down, were the worst of our lives. We just wanted to know what was wrong with our baby.

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