Monday, December 28, 2009

12/16/2009: The 2nd Echocardiogram

Though not as scary as the 1st, we were still nervous going into the Cardiologist. But, the appt went as well as we could hope. Her heart is growing with her, her left side is functioning normally, and (according to her 1st Echo) the aorta looked to be coming from the right ventricle--a condition known as Transposition of the Great Arteries, but he verified that it is coming from the left, so he could rule out that particular complication. The best part of it all was seeing her so active -- they had to stop a number of times during the scan to see if she'd settle down long enough to get a good image! She had Dr. Menon laughing at one point with all of her flipping around. He said that's one of the best signs of all: an active baby equals a strong baby.

Again he reminded us that nothing is for sure until she's here, but at least there were no new surprises this time around. The real test for her will be when her lungs start working and interacting with her heart; there are 4 veins/arteries they are concerned with, but until those lungs are filled with air, they just can't tell.

He told us that her 3rd OHS may be a little different than what he had first explained to us. They have been working on a new method in which to reconnect the superior vena cava to the inferior vena cava (the arteries that carry blood back and forth from the upper [superior] and lower [inferior] parts of the body) using a synthetic material rather than an actual vein. The synthetic is proving to be much more elastic and durable in the long term. But given it's a few years out, I really didn't focus on that ...especially since we were getting our first round of real preparation for all this.

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